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"I Love My Church"

Jennifer Vo (Head Shot)Jennifer Vo: "I remember the first time I attended WFC, everyone was so welcoming and loving, I felt like I was already part of the family! In fact, after a few visits I was given a 14 page document of the church's bylaws describing its beliefs and foundation. I grew a great respect for the church and the pastor and felt in my heart that it was the right place to be. I also knew that if I were to commit to the church, I must also commit to continuously grow in the Word. I am so thankful for the pastor and the members of the church for drawing me closer to God through their teaching and fellowship.  I never desired to know the Bible as much as I have in the last 6 months since I've attended the church. I never wanted to miss out on a Friday night or Sunday morning bible study, ever. I never yearned to seek God as much as I have, and that is why I love it at WFC. And not only that, the pastor knows the answer to every question we ask!  :)"

Sung Ha Kim (Head Shot)
Sung-Ha Kim (Seoul, Korea): "A church that preaches, teaches, and loves the Triune God.  Linus, you are a pastor who teaches whole account of the Scripture, and that's rare these days!"




Wale Giwa (Head Shot)
Adewale Giwa (Djibouti, Djibouti): "Accuracy of the Word of God that's being taught.  I love the family and warm atmosphere the Church provides."




Phil Yanda (Head Shot)Phil Yanda: "I love Westside Fellowship Church for the clear and powerfully transparent teachings of Scripture, the deep fellowship with God and each other, and the sweet communion we all share as a local body.  I am thankful for Westside Fellowship Church often and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a bible teaching church, fellowship and intimacy with God and others, and a church, which altogether, stands on God's free grace, truth, and love.  Linus and his family, along with the young adults and everyone else in the church has been a blessing to me and my spiritual growth over the past years."

Parents (Head Shot)
Hung & Bach Nguyen: "Lovely people and good teaching."


Gilbert Dixon (Head Shot)
Gilbert Dixon (Odessa, Texas): "I've been tremendously blessed by this ministry. Brother Linus has a true servant's heart and has been a mentor to me by offering spiritual advice but also as a friend. I pray God continues to be glorified through Westside Church and Of the Way Ministries."



Charlie Nguyen (Head Shot)
Charlie Nguyen
"I love the learning environment and being challenged on a daily basis."





Chelly Lantier (Head Shot)
"I love Westside! I have seen God's grace and mercy in a way I've never seen before. One thing I appreciate is that there's never a dumb question, this is why we are here, to learn and grow together."
[ Chelly Lantier ]